This was the fortunate project. It had the most outstanding location and there was no client to demand things which were not acceptable to us as it was to be built for ourselves. We did not want a house only for us to live. We had always expected a lot of friends or extended family staying together here. The house therefore was not measured in terms of bedrooms. The large hall to play, sit, eat and sleep together and a kitchen that was more to act like a community kitchen. Minimalistic landscape is the heart of the project. The main feature of the landscape is the exciting view. This view was never to be disturbed or blocked by the landscape development. Landscape features such as levels, railing, view point, deck, plants, etc. were never made to dominate nature. There is one more semi open outdoor space desgned as a sit-out or for holding discussions and meetings. This space overlooks the built in waterbody at the site that merges with the lake beyond.